The Cost of Relocating from East Coast to West Coast

Moving coast to coast is anything but easy. In regards to the complexity level and the moving costs, only international relocation can challenge it for the spot for the hardest type of residential moving. If you are moving with a toddler or small children, this long-distance move looks more intimidating.

Coast to Coast Moving- What You Should Know

Here is the thing: you just cannot entrust your valued items to just any moving firm that claims to get the job done. You need to do your homework, including the following tasks in order to hire the right long distance mover. Here, we are going to delve more into price comparison and estimation.

Price Estimation

It is imperative to ask for an on-site price estimation from various moving companies in order to know the approximate relocation price in advance. Keep in mind that any moving company that refuses to visit your residence for precise estimation of the costs are not worth the moving task. Successfully moving from east coast to west coast is all about having the right specialists by your side. You should use the moving price calculator at to get up to 6 moving quotes from the top coast to coast movers in the country.

In addition to estimating the relocation costs, a home survey will reveal potential issues, difficulties as well as challenges. Of course, this task should identify any specialty item that needs a different approach when it comes to packing and moving. A pool table, a hot tub or an upright piano as good examples.

Moving Quotes Comparison

It is also to carefully compare the received estimates. Did you get a quote with a price that’s unnaturally low when compared to similar quotes? Well, if yes, you should contact the corresponding firm and try to comprehend the reason behind the low price. If they fail to give a satisfactory reason, you may want to seek moving services elsewhere. That’s because initial low ball estimates are a common bait technique of unreliable movers.

If you get a price estimate that is above what you can afford to pay, you should contact the mover and ask if they are willing to wiggle down the price. If they are not willing to negotiate, you should refuse their offer and focus on the estimates that match your moving budget.

It’s also advisable to compare the extra services on each estimate. If you want your possessions packed by skilled specialists, it’s important to know how much the task will cost you. Are the packing materials like packing paper and cardboard boxes included in the packing price or not? Also, if you need your things to be stored for a particular time until you can set in your new home, how much will the storage service set you back. The small and not-so-obvious details tend to make a huge difference when it comes to relocating.

How Much does it Cost to Move from East Coast to West Coast?

The cost of moving from coast to coast is something that you will certainly want to know as early as possible. The best way to know the price is to request estimates from a few moving companies and then pick the winning bid as explained above. That being said, you should never agree to estimates made over the phone as they tend to be very inaccurate.

florida to california

It’s also advisable to take a look at the average costs of moving from coast to coast. A quick search on Google should be able to help you with this. More knowledge on the factors that affect moving price will also give you more control on how much you spend on your move. Let us consider the example of moving from Florida to California, that’s a long-distance move.

1. The Moving Distance

It is hard to argue that the distance from east coast to west coast will make your move rather expensive. Regardless of how you look at it, you have at least 3000 miles to cover, and that is no joke.

2. Weight

The total weight of your items can be a blessing in disguise as it allows you to save a lot. Slim down on your possessions to their minimum and take with you fewer things in order to optimize the shipment weight. Also, keep in mind that it is sometimes cheaper to buy new household items in the new location compared to availing professionals to move them.

These are not the only factors, but they are the most important when it comes to estimating and tweaking the cost of moving from coast to coast.

9 Tips for Moving in the Summer

The summer heat can be oppressing and moving in such weather is difficult. However, it can also be a great time to get around without having to worry about snow or wintry conditions.

This article will go over some of the things a person should focus on when it comes to relocating to a new place. By following this advice, moving in the summer heat is not going to be a problem at all. Focus on this advice and make sure all of it is implemented as you relocate to the place of your dreams with one of the top moving companies.

1) Wear the Right Clothing

Clothing is a good starting point and will take care of the pressure that’s put on your body. Too many people know it is going to be hot but still don’t focus on this aspect until it is too late and they are already sweating profusely. Take the time to wear the right clothing and make sure it works out appropriately. This means you should put on a hat, wear a t-shirt, and something lightweight when it comes to your pants.

Anything heavier will put a lot of pressure on your body during the heat. The right clothing is something that will deliver superior results and will ensure you can focus on what is important and that is the moving process.

Also, take the time to wear the right shoes as you don’t want to hurt yourself. Sneakers are a good idea as they will offer excellent support but are not going to be as cumbersome as heavier boots in the heat. Sneakers will be able to provide good value for what you are hoping to get.

2) Begin Early

Always start bright and early since this is a good way to get away from the hotter part of the afternoon. In fact, it is best to start as early in the morning as possible before the sun is at its peak. The earlier you start, the easier it will be on the body.

Of course, you will not be able to do most of the work before the afternoon, but it is smart to at least start as soon as you can. The best moving companies always recommend to focus on doing all of the heavy work earlier on so you’re not tired as the afternoon heat arrives.

3) Apply Sunscreen

The sun is going to be pounding down, and that’s a major issue when it comes to your health. You want to pay attention to what is put on your skin as soon as possible. This includes the right amount of sunscreen as soon as possible. You don’t want to step outside without sunscreen on your side as that is a cause for concern. The sun will ruin your skin, and it is a real hazard when it comes to your general health. Apply sunscreen and don’t forget to reapply if necessary. This is the only way to feel safe when you step out into the sun.

4) Create a Moving Checklist

moving checklist photoA moving checklist can be a smart thing to do so you are not rushed or forget something due to the heat. A lot of people tend to rush as soon as the process begins because of the summer heat. It is possible to prepare a proper checklist in advance before you hire any moving company, so you are not feeling hurried at any stage. The checklist will act as a way to see what is going on during the process itself. With all of the information on the checklist, you can go through the steps one by one.

5) Understand How Heat Will Impact Your Assets

You want to realize the heat isn’t going to impact you alone. It is going to have an impact on all of your assets as well. This means if certain furniture isn’t going to do well in the heat then don’t leave it out in the open for too long! You want to have it in the shade and away from the sun as soon as possible. These items should be noted down, informed to your moving company and relocated during the earlier hours. This way they are not going to take the brunt of the heat as soon as the moving begins.

6) Turn the AC On

The property will be burning up and preparing it is always the right thing to do especially if it will be incredibly hot. This means turning on the AC and letting the property cool down before doing the heavy lifting that has to be completed. The more you lift, the harder it will get to stay sweat-free, and that is where the AC can help. It should be as cool as possible so people can focus on the actual process instead of having to wipe their sweat all the time. The AC is a great way to combat this issue.

7) Use Portable Fans

portable fan while movingFans are another option that should be kept nearby as a way to maintain the temperature. It should be as comfortable as you can make it since this is not an easy task at the best of times. Moving heavy items takes a lot of effort, and that is where cooling matters. A portable fan will help keep things easy and will ensure the emphasis is kept on the actual moving. No one wants to deal with an issue where the fans are problematic.

Portable fans can be a neat way to ease some of the pressure that comes along with moving.

8) Keep a Case of Water Nearby

Water is one of those things that tend to create major issues, and it’s best to focus on having it nearby. If there is a lot of sweating going on and it is hot then making sure a case of water is available can make all the difference.

This can become a great way to ensure the body can stay active. If not, there will be a lot of cramps, pain, and general discomfort. Be smart and make sure the water is available as soon as possible. It will help relieve the stress that comes along with this process.

9) Pay Attention To Your Body

If you are going to be involved in the moving process, then it is important to pay attention to how you’re doing. The body is going to take a pounding when it comes to dealing with heat, and it is not always a satisfying situation. It is smarter to take a look at how you are doing and then make adjustments. If necessary, you are always recommended to keep cold towels nearby as that will help keep things as cool as you want them to be. Anything else may lead you to faint, and that is the last thing anyone wants to see. Don’t ignore this and assume the heat will be easy to manage as that is hardly the case when moving big items around from place to place.

Use these tips to begin moving in the summer and enjoy the process. There are going to be hurdles to deal with, and it is not always going to be easy, but that’s the beauty of planning. You can focus on these details and take care of them before they arise. Choose one of the best moving companies from sites like, think about everything and plan as much as possible. This is the only way to feel safe about the move and know it is not going to become a challenging experience. The more you plan, the easier it will get so incorporating this advice is the way to go.

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